The Development of SLPAA

As stated in the original post, SLPAA is a new fellowship in progress currently under development and being piloted in Athens, GA. Its development is best explained via the following brief references to what many consider the two primary "S" fellowships (i.e. Sex Addiction 12-Step programs)*:

Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) - The original sex addiction fellowship.  It is a very strong fellowship and has helped countless people. 

Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) - A similar fellowship to SAA, however it has the key difference of acknowledging "love addiction" as distinct from "sex addiction".  Their answer to the question "What is the difference between SAA and SLAA?" posted on the FAQ section of their website is as follows: "We are all Twelve Step programs focusing on sexual addiction. S.L.A.A. includes love addiction, relationship, and sexual anorexia" (SLAA, 2014).

Sex, Love, & Pornography Addicts Anonymous (SLPAA) is designed to follow the same evolutionary model, bringing "pornography addiction" up to parity with "sex addiction" and "love addiction".  This is an important, but yet largely unacknowledged distinction.  There is a great article addressing this difference on the website titled"Porn Addiction is Not Sex Addiction--And Why It Matters".     

Many people, frequently Millennial's, who do not relate with the concept of or identify as a "sex addict" or "love addict".  If you ask them about pornography problems, however, they will be quick to say "OMG yes, I'm a total porn addict!  Where do I go?"  SLPAA is being designed to meet that need.  

DISCLAIMER: SLPAA is not affiliated with the private counseling practice of Dr. Todd Love. Rather, the information about this fellowship is being hosted on this website as a service to the recovery community. 

(Updated Oct 28, 2015.)