Adult ADHD

 Adult ADHD is not what people think it is. ADHD is not just about being "hyper" or "spacey" - it is much more than that.  ADHD involves some common core problems, such as issues with executive functioning (planning, memory, flexibility), and emotion regulation, and it impacts each person individually. Check-out my blog post about ADHD conference to learn some interesting stuff about ADHD that’s not common knowledge.

Professional Involvement in the Field

I am a Professional member of the following premiere organizations focused on helping people with ADHD:
* ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO)
* Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA)
* Children & Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)

Additionally, I have given presentations and blog interviews on related topics. For example, I spoke on the topic of ADHD and Addiction at the 2018 Annual International Conference on ADHD, and am exited to be presenting again at the 2019 Annual International Conference on ADHD. Although mine is a mens-only practice, I enjoyed presenting at the 2019 ADHD Women’s Palooza. Finally, I’m very much looking forward to speaking at this years On the Right ADHD Trail mens telesummit (link coming soon).

ADHD Coaching

In addition to my clinical licensure, I am a Board Certified Coach (BCC) with a special focus on ADHD Coaching. ADHD coaching is a collaborative process wherein/whereby we take a nonclinical/nontherapeutic approach to identifying how ADHD manifests in a person’s life, how it is holding us back, and how we can develop strategies to mitigate. Go here for more information on my Coaching Practice.

ADHD Resources

In addition to the ADHD related articles I reference on my Facebook page, below are some links to national resources:

TotallyADD is a fantastic (and FUN) resource for adult ADHD. They host numerous resources such as blogs, videos, and useful Self-Test for Adult ADHD.

Jessica McCabe’s How To ADHD is another fantastic and fun resource. She speaks particularly well to the Gen-Y/Millennial and Gen-Z crowds, which is probably why her YouTube Channel is so popular.

Jessica McCabe tell us the story of her life. Once a gifted child with bright future, who later lives a life of a constant failures, because one thing - her ADHD diagnosis. Until one thing changed everything and she realized, that she is not alone. (TL comment: This video will simultaneously blow your mind, break your heart, and fill you with inspiration).

Dr. Russell Barkley presents an in-depth overview of Adult ADHD backed by factual studies. Celebrity designer and ADHD spokesperson Ty Pennington (Extreme Home Makeover) shares his personal experiences with Adult ADHD.

As many as 10 million adults could have Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, otherwise known as ADHD. Its symptoms can be deceptive, and if you have the condition, it can take over your life.

Dr Russell Barkley emphasizes how ADHD inhibits the ability to regulate emotions. He goes on to illustrate how poor emotional regulation has damaging effects in social interaction between people with ADHD and those without. Please support our cause by visiting our website !

SPEAKER: Consultant, Organizational Development and Sales Guru for FranklinCovey for over 10 years. Rebecca's career has allowed her to study effectiveness from all angles. Her real expertise in this topic comes from living with and loving ADHD Husband and Son for more than 141,322 hours of her life.

Stephen is a Senior Directing major at Carnegie Mellon. He is also the current President of Carnegie Mellon's Film Club. He recently completed his Thesis Project within the School of Drama: a production of Mac Wellman's "A Murder of Crows."

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. A personal understanding of ADHD is an enlightening source of understanding what it is to live in a hyperlink-enriched world of information. Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and similar media create a highly multifaceted, multidirectional information environment well suited to the ADHD mind.


Please note that I am not a Psychologist, and thus do not perform formal ADHD diagnostic evaluations. Additionally, I am not a Psychiatrist, and thus do not prescribe ADHD (or any other) medications. I am happy to provide referals for those services.