Substance Use Disorders
(formerly known as Substance Abuse)
(Also known as Drug Addiction & Alcoholism)

Are the 12-Steps alone not working for you?  This is not uncommon.  Although you don't hear about it much at meetings, there are many different paths to recovery (other than the 12-Steps). Note that I am not at all talking bad about the 12-Step program and/or its community.  However, if you are one of the people who arent succeeding in maintaining sobriety through that program, don't be discouraged.  I can help you find other ways.

I was honored to have served for a few months in 2015 as Interim Clinical Coordinator for the Western Judicial Circuit Felony Drug Court. Per their website, "The Western Judicial Circuit Felony Drug Court Program is a treatment alternative for felony offenders and persons charged with probation violations in the superior courts of Athens-Clarke and Oconee counties and second or subsequent DUI offenders in Oconee County Probate Court."


Gambling Disorder
(formerly known as Pathological Gambling)

Gambling Disorder is the first Behavioral Addiction to be fully recognized as an addiction.  Previously known as Pathological Gambling categorized as an Impulse Control Disorder, the problem was renamed in 2013 to Gambling Disorder and moved to the Non-Substance Addictions section of the DSM-5 (diagnostic codebook for psychiatric disorders).    

Although only recently recognized as an "addiction", people have long known that some individuals can become cripplingly enmeshed with the act of gambling.  There are residential and outpatient programs peppered throughout the country (and world) dedicated to helping people with this problem.  Additionally, there is a thriving 12-Step program dedicated to helping people overcome their problems with Gambling: Gamblers Anonymous - The closest meeting is in Bogart on Monday nights.