Sex Addiction 

Q: Does sex addiction really exist? 

A: It does if you think it does.  While this may seem like a smart-ass answer, there is wisdom in the statement. Regardless of the current debate, if you feel that you have a problem with out-of-control sexual behaviors, then you probably have a problem with out-of-control sexual behaviors.  Other people can argue about its name all they want Hypersexual Disorder (HD), Compulsive Sexual Behavior (CSB), Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB), etc, but it doesn't change the fact that thousands of people are struggling and suffering with the phenomenon.  

Q: What are your qualifications to treat sex addiction?

A:  I have multiple qualifications in this area:

I have been trained as a Specialist in Problematic Sexual Behaviors (S-PSB) by the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH). SASH is a multidisciplinary organization dedicated to scholarship, training, and resources for promoting sexual health and overcoming problematic sexual behaviors.  I was honored to actively serve on their Board of Directors for two years, and continue my involvement as an Ex-Officio. Additionally, I was a primary a contributor to their training committee, dedicated to training other clinicians in the treatment of problematic sexual behaviors (PSB's).  

I have been trained as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) by the International Institute of Trauma & Addiction Professionals (IITAP).  Part of my training was directly conducted by Dr. Patrick Carnes, considered by many to be the "father of the field" of sex addiction treatment. I did my clinical supervision with Dr. Ken Adams, another established expert in the field.

Additionally, I have formally published on this topic. For example, I co-authored a medical textbook chapter on the neurobiology of sex addiction with Dr. Stefanie Carnes, one of the leading figures in the field of sex addiction treatment, and Dr. Donald Hilton, a neurosurgeon and expert in the neuroscience of pornography addiction.  

Q: Is sex addiction the same as porn addiction?

A: Not always. I will publish a more detailed answer to this question on my blog soon.

-> 12-Step programs are often a useful part of recovery from sex addiction. Here are links to the most prevalent 12-step programs available for the phenomenon of Sex Addiction

  • Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) - meets in Athens every Monday night from 7pm-8pm downtown at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church (798 Prince Avenue). Additionally, regular phone & web meetings exist.

  • Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) - not available in Athens, although phone & web meetings exist.

  • Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA) - not available in Athens, although phone & web meetings exist.