Rates & Office Policies for Todd Love, PsyD, JD, LPC, BCC, DCC



  • My standard fee is $110 for a 55-minute session.

  • The initial appointment is $125.

  • I offer a discounted rate of $55 for students paying their own way through school (UGA or otherwise).

  • The initial appointment fee for self-paying students is $80.

  • I offer a limited number of reduced-fee slots for clients who have difficulty affording my fee's.


  • I am currently paneled with the following insurance companies:

    • Aetna

    • Cigna

    • Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Anthem)

    • GEHA (Government Employees Health Association)

    • United Healthcare, including the UnitedHealthcare Student Resources plan offered to UGA graduate students.

  • I am an Out-Of-Network Provider for most other insurance companies. Upon request, I will provide a “super-bill” that you can use to file on your own. Many plans will reimburse for counseling services, via “out-of-network benefits”, however the details of that are between you and your carrier.

Client Paperwork:

Todd L. Love, PsyD, JD, MBA, LPC, BCC, DCC, CSAT

Todd L. Love, PsyD, JD, MBA, LPC, BCC, DCC, CSAT

General Policies

(ie. for both Counseling and Coaching)

Payment Options:

  • I accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, FSA/HSA cards (counseling clients only), Square Cash, PayPal, check, or cash.

  • I operate on a fee-for-service basis. This means the client is responsible for full payment at the time of each session (co-pay for insurance clients).

Office Schedule:

  • My schedule varies, but my current standard office hours are as follows:

    • Mondays through Thursdays: 8:00am - 5pm

    • Fridays: Sometimes available by request

    • Saturdays & Sundays: Unavailable

Appointment Cancellation:

  • Appointments cancelled with less than 24hrs notice will be charged 1/2 the standard hourly rate.

  • Missed/skipped appointments or same-day cancellations will be charged the full rate.

Fee’s for Other Services:

  • Paperwork services, such as letters to an attorney, documentation for school or work related needs, or other requested forms will be charged a $100 fee, plus $50 per hour for any additional time required beyond 60 minutes.

  • Out-of-office services, such as minor court proceedings (testifying, depositions, etc.), interventions, etc. will be charged a $500 out-of-office service fee plus the standard hourly rate for all time involved (preparation, travel, attendance, etc)

  • Major court-related services, such as expert witness testimony are priced on an individual basis.



  • Coaching services come in a pre-paid package model of $300 for 4 30-minute sessions ($75 each).


  • Coaching services are NOT covered by any health insurance companies.

    • Coaching is focused on Wellness; taking the functional and making them better. Insurance companies don’t care about that; they are focused on the “ill” and making them well. See more on the differences between Coaching and Counseling/Therapy elsewhere on my site.

Client Paperwork: