2-year Specialty Practice Update (2017)

I am excited to announce the two-year anniversary of my boutique counseling and coaching practice for men and young-men in the Athens area.  While my practice was initially narrowly focused as a men’s-only, private pay, Behavioral Addiction (sex, porn, and Internet in particular) specialty practice, I have since made some expansions and adjustments to better meet the needs of people in our area. For example:

Age-range: My primary focus is still on men and young-men, I now also work with adolescents as young as mid/upper high-school (~16yo). 

Insurance: I am still primarily a private-pay practice (with a sliding scale available), however, I am now paneled with United Healthcare, and am in the process of applying to BlueCross/BlueShield of Georgia. 

Other scope expansions:

Professional/Life Coaching: I am currently engaged in training for my Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential, as I have found males to sometimes more open to "coaching" then they are "counseling" or "therapy".

Adult ADHD: As a lifetime ADHD'er, I am particularly suited to work with persons struggling with this complex disorder. In addition to offering a clinical approach to addressing core issues such as shame and low-esteem, a cross-focus of my BCC is in ADHD Coaching, allowing me to provide a skills-based and task-oriented approach to Adult ADHD.

Problematic Sexual Behaviors (PSBs): In addition to my ongoing extensive training for the Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) credential, I have a Specialist in Problematic Sexual Behaviors (S-PSB) training certificate. While the sex addiction model has much utility and validity, it is not a universal model. I am trained to utilize a broader range of approaches to treat clients with PSB's.

Trauma training: I have attended both EMDR Level 1 and Brainspotting Phase I trainings to help address the trauma and stress component that sometimes underlies the problem of compulsive sexual behaviors and other life issues.

Career/Academic Counseling: My unique professional and academic background (corporate IT Director (MBA) turned DUI defense attorney (JD) turned clinician (PsyD-LPC)) has proven useful for working with clients in life transitions. By utilizing a combination of existential and career counseling with life coaching, I have helped clients struggling with failure-to-launch issues, academic uncertainties (both graduate and undergraduate), and mid-life crisis to find their identity and direction.

Online Counseling & Coaching: I am a Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC) enabling me to provide online sessions for clients who are unable or unwilling to attend in-person counseling or coaching sessions. I have delivered counseling services for clients around the state, and have provided addiction coaching (Internet & SUD) for clients around the world.

More about me:

Professional service: I currently serve on the Board of Directors of 2 non-profit professional associations. I am Co-Chair of the Training Committee for the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Heath (SASH), and am co-developing a curriculum to teach other professionals how to identify and work with PSB's using multiple approaches. I additionally serve as the Chair of the Ethics Committee for the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Ga (LPCA). I also advocate for the Counseling profession on the State level (licensing board, legislature.). I briefly served as the clinical coordinator for the Western Judicial Circuit Felony Drug Court (FDC).

Academic Publications: In the academic realm, I have co-authored one textbook chapter (The Neurobiology of Sex Addiction) and one journal article (The Neuroscience of Internet Pornography Addiction). I have another of each in press at the moment (journal article on Internet Addiction & the DSM-5, and a textbook chapter on the Etiology of Sex Addiction. I continue to maintain expert knowledge on Behavioral Addictions, especially those related to the Internet (porn, gaming, shopping/spending, gambling, social networking, etc.).

Public Presence: I have given conference presentations on the topic of Internet and Pornography Addiction, and was an invited speaker to a College of Charleston forum on the impact of pornography upon the life and relationships of college students. I am proud to have been interviewed for a BlogTalkRadio podcast, as well as to have been interviewed for and quoted in two articles (one online/print, one online only 3-part series (1, 2, 3)) regarding my areas of expertise.

            I enjoy working with a wide range of clients, and am excited to continue on this professional journey. My practice is on the East Side, across from the YWCO. I operate on standard business hours (Mon-Fri, 8-5), and am currently taking new clients. I am open to referrals, and look forward to continue building my reputation as a local expert in these specialty areas.


Todd L. Love, PsyD, JD, LPC
545 Research Dr, Ste.B
Athens, GA 30605